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Delicious selection

The best selection of products from our sea and our land. Table service and bread 2.6€

Santoña anchovy toast on pepper roast

Santoña anchovies accompanied by toasted oil bread and a roasted pepper of three colors.  8 loins of anchovies, 4 o unit.

Entera: 24€
Media: 15.60€
Unidad: 6€

Pork Crackling.

You don't have to go to Soria to taste this tapa...Make room in your stomach because these exquisite Torreznos from Soria will surprise you, golden and accompanied with bread and Guernica pepper, you can't stop snacking on them...


Iberic ham 100%

100% Iberico Ham D.O.P. Jabugo - Huelva accompanied by toasted oil bread and grated tomato

Entera: 25,50€
Media: 16,7€

Cheese assortment

A selection of international cheeses: Carbonero(Spain), Mahon(Spain), Comte Reserve (France), Manchego Miel y Tomillo(Spain), Gorgonzola Piccante (Italy), accompanied by nuts and fruits

Entera: 17€
Media: 11,20€

Canned cockles

Cockles seasoned with lemon juice and tajín (powdered sauce made from 7 types of chilies, sea salt and dehydrated lemon) served with fried potatoes.

Entera: 13€

Canned mussels

Pickled mussels served with fried potatoes.

Entera: 12€

White prawn from Huelva

Grilled white prawns from Huelva, on a bed of salt and served with lemon wedges.

Entera: 17€


Here you can find several typical dishes of Spanish cuisine and different proposal to whet your appetite. Table service and bread 2.6€

Spanish potato salad

Mixture of boiled potato, carrot, tuna in oil, hard-boiled egg, gherkin, black olives and roasted red pepper, mixed with mayonnaise and decorated with Gordal olives, julienned iceberg lettuce, piquillo peppers emulsion and grated egg.

Entera: 13€
Media: 8,60€

Black pearl oyster

Oyster served with crushed ice and lemon wedges.

Unidad: 4,30€

"Salmorejo" with crispy iberian ham and eggs

A smooth mix of tomatoes, oil and garlic garnished with grated egg, crispy ham, chives and Arbequina oil.

Entera: 8,6€
Media: 5,7€

Canarian potatoes with spicy pepper sauce

Potatoes cooked with coarse salt accompanied by red mojo (typical Canarian sauce based on red pepper, sweet and hot paprika, oil, salt and cumin).

Entera: 8,30€
Media: 5,30€

Garlic prawns

Prawn tails pan-fried with garlic, oil, salt and chilli.

Entera: 17€
Media: 11,20€

Grilld majrero cheese with palm honey

Typical Canarian cheese, melted on the grill and enriched with palm honey.

Entera: 10€
Media: 6,5€

Fried whitebait with eggs and roasted peppers

Fried whitebait accompanied by roasted peppers and fried eggs.

Entera: 17€
Media: 11,20€

Green asparragus

Grilled green asparagus from Navarra.

Entera: 12€
Media: 8€

Fried Guernica's peppers

Fried green peppers from Guernica.

Entera: 14€
Media: 9€

Ham croquettes

The typicals ones made with Iberian ham and accompanied with homemade tomato sauce and fried potatoes.

Media: 8€

Chicken Tika masala tacos with guacamole, mango and "pico de gallo"

Fried corn taco stuffed with shredded chicken, guacamole, grated tomato, mango and onion.

Entera: 13,5€
Unidad: 4,60€

Roasted piquillo peppers

Candied and caramelised little red peppers baked in oil, garlic, thyme, rosemary, salt and sugar.

Entera: 12,50€
Media: 8,20€

Stuffed eggs

Boiled egg stuffed with tuna and tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce and fried potatoes.

Unidad: 3,50€

Grilled artichoke with salt of wine (3 units)

Grilled artichokes with Maldon salt infused with Rioja red wine.

Entera: 18,70€
Unidad: 7,80€

Roasted vegetables (eggplant, red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, and onion)

Eggplant, red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper and onion roasted in the oven and dressed with a lemon vinaigrette.

Entera: 12.5€
Media: 8,20€


Carefully selected products, fresh and different dressings. Table service and bread 2.6€

Los Gallos salad

Gree salad with pomegranate and pine nut vinaigrette, parmesan cheese and cruncy ham.

Entera: 14,80€

Zucchini carpaccio with pesto sauce and burrata cheese

Burrata (fresh Italian cheese) with zucchini cut into slices, grated tomato, semi-dried tomatoes, seasoned with pesto sauce (basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and oil), raisins and pine nuts.

Entera: 15,50€

Dressed tomato with avocado

Pink tomato carpaccio accompanied by avocado

Entera: 15€
Media: 9,8€

Dressed tomato with tuna

Pink tomato carpaccio accompanied by tuna flakes in olive oil.

Entera: 16€
Media: 10,4€

From sea

Fresh fish every day and different suggestions that our markets recommend. Table service and bread 2.6€

Prawn and vegetable fake risotto I made with "Puntalete" pasta   

Small pasta in the shape of a grain of rice, tasty mixed with a base of vegetables, bisquet, cream, Parmesan and prawns.

Entera: 18€
Media: 12€

Fried little squids in Andalusian style

Cut little squids, floured and fried, with grilled peppers, lemon and lime mayonnaise.

Entera: 18€
Media: 12€

Fried Anchovies Jaimito or Andalusian style

The Jaimito: anchovies pasted in breadcrumbs and fried; the Andalusian style: flour-fried and fried, both with roast peppers and lemon wedges.

Entera: 14,50€
Media: 9,50€

Fried red mullet

Floured and fried red mullets, with grilled peppers and lemon.

Entera: 15,80€
Media: 10,20€

Cod with pil pil

Baked cod, served over roasted potatoes and sautéed broad beans, covered in a smooth oil, garlic and chilli emulsion (pil pil).

Entera: 18€
Media: 12€

Cod Dourado style

Mixtures of cod crumbs with onion, leek, raisins, scrumble eggs and potatoes.

Entera: 18,50€
Media: 12,20€

Sea bass ceviche with mashed sweet potatoes, guacamole and peruvian corn

Croaker fish marinated with coriander, leche de tigre, aji amarillo, lemon juice and dashi, sweet potato puree, guacamole, fried corn and red onion.

Entera: 18,50€
Media: 12,20€

Salmon sashimi marneted with Yakiniku and Wasabi sorbet

Laminated and marinated salmon in Yakiniku sauce, wakame seaweed and wasabi sorbet.

Entera: 15€
Media: 9,80€

Tuna tartar

Tuna knife-chopped , seasoned with soy sauce, mustard, avocado and  mango, lamb's lettuce and cherry tomatoes with toasted oil bread.

Entera: 24,50€
Media: 16,20€

Grilled tuna with candied onion

Grilled red tuna with caramelized onion, micromezclum and cherry tomatoes.

Entera: 24,50€
Media: 16,20€

Clams on the pan with olive oil, garlic, chili an white wine

Pan-fried clams with oil, garlic, chilli and white wine.

Entera: 22,50€
Media: 14,70€

From earth

From the sea to the land, delicious meats from different suppliers, always seeking to offer the best of the best. Table service and bread 2.6€

Rice with iberian porc ribs

"Socarrat": well-seared rice with lacquered ribs baked at low temperature. 

Entera: 22€

Grilled galician beef loin (500gr)

Grilled and laminated loin of beef , accompanied by chips, peppers and onion sautéed in garlic oil.

Entera: 58€

T-bone steack

The special cut that includes a T-shaped bone and separates on each side two of the noblest parts of the animal, the sirloin and the loin, accompanied by fried potatoes and sautéed peppers.

Entera: 85€

Sugerencia del chef

Lamb chops with chips and Guernica's peppers

Grilled well-seared lamb chops with French fries and peppers from Guernica.

Entera: 22,50€
Media: 14,70€

Homemade milanesa

Breaded white veal fillet with French fries.

Entera: 19€
Media: 12,50€

Duck confit with corn cream and pears in red wine

Duck leg in confit with a delicate corn cream and pears in wine.

Entera: 19€

Iberian pork cheek with sweet potato mash

Pork cheek stewed in Pedro Ximenez, accompanied by  sweet potato mash and French fries.

Entera: 18.40€
Media: 12.20€

Mayoral (sirloin with rucula and parmesano cheese)

Sautéed slices of sirloin accompanied by arugula and Parmesan

Entera: 24,30€
Media: 16€

Sauted sirloin with potatoes and peppers

Sautéed dice of sirloin with potatoes fried and peppers.

Entera: 24,50€
Media: 16,20€

Steak tartar

Knife-chopped steak seasoned with gherkin, spring onion, capers, grain mustard, Yakiniku, Valentina sauce, green salad, red onion, cherry tomato, Parmesan cheese, mustard ice cream and served with French fries.

Entera: 24,30€
Media: 16€

Galician beef burger with canarian cheese

Delicious brioche bread, minced Galician beef, saffron mayonnaise, salad, grilled tomato, majorero cheese and curry ketchup.

Entera: 16€

Dessert selection.

All our delicious desserts are homemade and balanced. Table service and bread 2.6€

“Los Gallos” cheese cake with cookie ice cream

Our cake baked on her plate with cookie ice cream.

Entera: 8€

Millefeuille of dulce de leche and vainilla pastry cream

Puff pastry filled with pastry cream and dulce de leche.

Entera: 8€

Stewed strawberries with creme anglaise and mascarpone ice cream

Crema a base de huevo enriquecida con fresas naturales y helado de queso mascarpone

Entera: 8€
Media: 5,20€

Choco gluttony with vainilla ice cream

Brownie with vanilla ice cream and covered in chocolate

Entera: 7,20€
Media: 4,80€

Chocolate and red fuits crostata with vainilla ice cream

A bag of filo pastry filled with berries and chocolate; accompanied by vanilla ice cream, icing sugar and flowers.

Entera: 7,20€

Tiramisú with caramelo ice cream

Tiramisú made with Savoiardi (typical Italian cookies), coffee and mascarpone cream; with caramel ice cream.

Entera: 7,20€
Media: 4,80€

Apple pie with butter bun ice cream

Puff pastry with apples and butter bun ice cream.

Entera: 7,20€

Mix of fruit with melted chocolate

Crispy brick dough basket stuffed with fresh orange, melon, pineapple, blackberry, strawberries, blueberries and covered with melted chocolate.

Entera: 7,20€
Media: 4,80€

Cava or vodka sorbet

Lemon or tangerine sorbet emulsifying with cava or vodka.

5,7€ | 6,20€

Ice cream

Various flavors. Shortbread, vanilla, Lotus biscuit, Bulgarian yogurt, mascarpone, nougat, Brazilian coconut, caramel, Sao Thomé dark chocolate, Mustard from Dijon, Wasabi.

Entera: 6,20€
Media: 4,20€

Coffee with vainilla ice cream

A rich coffee with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream.

Entera: 6,70€

¿Quieres organizar tu evento?

Disponemos de espacios únicos para eventos a medida en el Barrio Salamanca. Un cóctel informal para presentar un producto, un desayuno empresarial o una cena formal con workshop, ¡Tú eliges!. Nosotros te asesoraremos para que disfrutes de nuestra cocina tradicional española, con un toque diferente y especial que siempre sorprende.

Votado como uno de los mejores espacios para organizar eventos en Madrid, ya sea para fiestas, terrazas para eventos, un restaurantes con salas privadas… La Taberna Los Gallos es un versátil restaurante para eventos en el Barrio Salamanca, donde las fiestas siempre acaban con un brindis y se celebra el éxito a lo grande.

Contáctanos en 1 minuto

Calle Puigcerdá, 6 - Madrid.


And also, did you know that... in Los Gallos, we have an INCREDIBLE live music program all week long... ??!!!

Wednesdays and Thursdays we sing and dance with Our Musicians live from 23:00 to 03:00 and from 00:00 to 03:00 respectively.




Friday and Saturday we dance with David Moreno's DJ Set from 17:00  to 20:30 and from rom 22:00 to 02:30

Did you want to miss it?