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The usual recipes

Table service and bread 2.40€

Spanish potato salad

Mixture of boiled potato, carrot, tuna in oil, hard-boiled egg, gherkin, black olives and roasted red pepper, mixed with mayonnaise and decorated with Gordal olives, julienned iceberg lettuce, piquillo pepper emulsion and grated egg

Entera: 13€
Media: 8,40€

"Salmorejo" with iberian ham and eggs

A smooth mix of tomatoes, oil and garlic garnished with grated egg, crispy ham, chives and Arbequina oil.

Entera: 9,50€
Media: 6,30€

Stuffed eggs

Boiled egg stuffed with tuna and tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce and fried potatoes

(1/2 huevo)

Iberic ham 100%

100% Iberico Ham D.O.P. Jabugo - Huelva accompanied by toasted oil bread and grated tomato

Entera: 25,50€
Media: 16,70€

Santoña anchovies with crispy bread

Anchovies from Santoña on a bed of grated tomato, accompanied by toasted oil bread and a good splash of extra virgin olive oil

Entera: 21€
Media: 13,70€

Pickled tuna taco with grilled peppers and mayonnaise

An amazing mix of tuna, peppers, onion and mayonnaise... a real delight!

Entera: 15€
Media: 9,80€

Grilld majorero cheese with palm honey

Typical Canarian cheese, melted on the grill and enriched with palm honey

Entera: 10€
Media: 6,50€

Canarian potatoes with spicy pepper sauce

Potatoes cooked with coarse salt accompanied by red mojo (typical Canarian sauce based on red pepper, sweet and hot paprika, oil, salt and cumin)

Entera: 8,30€
Media: 5,30€

Ham and spinach croquettes

The typicals ones made with Iberian ham and the special ones with spinach, accompanied by homemade tomato sauce and fried potatoes

Entera: 12€
Media: 8€

Battered aubergines with palm honey

A light batter covers these laminated eggplants and bathed in palm honey, accompanied by salmorejo

Entera: 10,50€
Media: 6,80€

Fried whitebait with eggs and roasted peppers

Fried whitebait accompanied by roasted peppers and fried eggs

Entera: 17€
Media: 11€

Hispanic mix

Potatoes with sausage and fried eggs

Entera: 12€
Media: 8€

Torreznos tipical of Soria

A strip of bacon with its skin, golden in a pan, tipical from Soria.

Entera: 13€
Media: 8,50€

Prawns with guacamole and mango

Sautéed prawns on a bed of guacamole and mango foam

Entera: 17€
Media: 11€

The green ones

Selected and well seasoned products so that they are always new. Table service and bread 2.40€

Puerto Lagasca Salad

Lamb's lettuce, Iberian ham, cured cheese and pomegranate and pine nut vinaigrette

Entera: 14€
Media: 9€

Burrata cheese on pink tomato carpaccio with green and rocket salad

Burrata (fresh Italian cheese)on pink tomato carpaccio with green and rocket salad

Entera: 16,50€
Media: 10,70€

Artichokes confit in EVOO and grilled with crispy ham (only in season)

Artichokes confit in EVOO oil and grilled with crispy ham.

Entera: 24€
Media: 15.60€
Unidad: 8€

Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce

Peppers, tomato, onion, asparagus, aubergine and a cream based on hazelnuts and almonds

Entera: 12€
Media: 8€

La Ensalada César de Paco

Lechuga Trocadero con picatostes, queso parmesano, y la salsa César: yema de huevo, anchoa, ajo, salsa Perrin, mostaza, aceite de oliva, virgen extra, zumo de lima, Tabasco, pimienta negra.

Entera: 17€
Media: 11€

From sea

Fish always fresh and wisely prepared to always offer the best of our sea. Table service and bread 2.40€

Fried anchovies

Anchovies seasoned with red mojo (typical canarian cuisine sauce), pasted in flour and fried, with grilled peppers and lemon.

Entera: 14€
Media: 9€

Fried little squids in Andalusian style

Floured and fried, with peppers salad and lemon.

Entera: 17€
Media: 11€

Tuna tartar

Knife-chopped tuna, a fine mix of tropical fruits and wakame seaweed.

Entera: 24€
Media: 16€

Octopus timbale with potatoes and gratin alioli foam

Grilled octopus on a bed of scrambled potatoes and a light garlic mayonnaise foam.

Entera: 24€
Media: 16€

Fish of the day

Every day our chef proposes a new recipe for fresh fish. Ask for it.


From earth

From the sea to the land, strolling through the most surprising proposals. Table service and bread 2.40€

Charred Rice with duck magret

Well-seared rice with duck magret (Waiting time 20 minutes)

Entera: 18€

Sugerencia del chef

Homemade milanesa

Breaded white veal fillet with French fries and salad.

Entera: 19€
Media: 12,70€

Mayoral (sirloin with rucula and parmesano cheese)

Sautéed slices of sirloin accompanied by rocket salad and parmesan.

Entera: 24€
Media: 16€

Steak tartar with chips

Steak knife-chopped  seasoned with gherkin, olives, red onion, capers, Dijon mustard, Perrins sauce, chives, fried almonds, tomato ketchup, Tabasco, salt and pepper.

Entera: 24€
Media: 16€

Sauted sirloin with garlic and parsley sauce

Sautéed diced sirloin with wrinkled potatoes, Guernica peppers and parsley and garlic sauce.

Entera: 24€
Media: 16€

Roasted Pedro Ximenez chicken with roasted shallot and french fries

Roasted Pedro Ximenez Chicken with roasted shallot and French fries (Waiting time 15 minutes).

Entera: 20,50€
Media: 13,30€

Veal cheek cannelloni (6 units)

Cannelloni stuffed with veal cheek cooked at low temperature.

Entera: 18€
Media: 11,70€

Grilled galician beef loin with chips

Grilled and laminated loin of beef , accompanied by fried chips.

Entera: 58€

Oue special burger

Beef burger, egg, onion, rocket salad and mayonnaise.

Entera: 16€

Dessert selection.

All our sweets are homemade and very balanced. Table service and bread 2.40€

Fine pure chocolate cake with chantilly

A fine chocolate cake accompanied with chantilly cream.

Entera: 7€
Media: 4,60€

Lemon pie

A delicious lemon cream with toasted meringue.

Entera: 7€
Media: 4,60€
Cuchara: 2,5€

French toast with custard and cinnamon ice cream

French toast soaked in milk with cinnamon and golden brown in a pan, with cinnamon ice cream.


Almond cake with pistachio ice cream (gluten-free dessert)

Pure almond tart and pistachio ice cream.

Entera: 7€
Media: 4,60€

Cheesecake baked at the moment with a touch of honey and passion fruit

A soft and creamy cake, floral flavor thanks to honey and the fresh citrus touch of passion fruit.


Tatín de manzana con creme fraîche

Apple pie prepared inside out, accompanied by cream fraîche, in true French style.


Cava sorbet

Lemon or tangerine sorbet emulsifying with cava.


Vodka sorbet

Lemon or tangerine sorbet emulsifying with vodka.


Ice cream

Various flavors: vanilla, pistachio, cinnamon, mascarpone, nougat, biscuit, Sao Thomé dark chocolate, lemon sorbet, mandarin sorbet, raspberry sorbet.

Entera: 5;5€
Media: 3,60€

A touch of cheese to finish the wine

A last piece of cheese to finish the wine.


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